Couple needing tax servicesHere are Some of Our Services

We work to help our clients by resolving complex tax issues, engaging in tax planning, preparing tax returns and providing bookkeeping and QuickBooks® consulting services.

Tax Problem Resolution Services for Individuals and Businesses

Occasionally, and often through no fault of their own, individuals and businesses run afoul of the Internal Revenue Service or a state’s tax agency. We provide assistance to both individuals and businesses in resolving these problems to achieve the best possible outcome.

Tax Planning and Preparation for Businesses and Individuals

We specialize in Tax Planning for businesses and Individuals. Our Practice is built upon the foundation of having the tax plans that will best meet your business needs. Tax planning can avoid nasty surprises and enable you to maximize your net worth.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and QuickBooks® Consulting for Business

We provide accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses that use QuickBooks® accounting software and are in need of assistance to maintain books and records that accurately reflect their financial position and results of operations. This allows them to engage in tax planning and reporting so they can legally minimize their taxes.

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Quality

Our high standards, attention to detail, and specialized knowledge spell the difference between our performance and that of other firms. We strive to ensure that every client receives the level of service that they need.

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